Custom Landscaping Designs & More

Landscape Plantings & Renovations

Whether you want to plant a few trees or shrubs or completely renovate your landscape, we can help! We can create custom landscaping designs to suit your needs. From native trees and shrubs to accounting for site and environmental conditions, our professionals have the knowledge to guide you as you make your vision a reality.

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Add To Your Outdoor Living Space

Patios, Walkways & Firepits

Add to your outdoor living space with a customized design and installation of a patio, walkway, and firepit designed to enhance your entertainment experience.

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Essential Part Of The Landscape Process

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an essential part of many landscape plans. From structural walls to tackle erosion issues to aesthetic garden walls that enhance your living space, our professionals can design and create the best solution no matter what your needs are.

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We Solve Drainage & Erosion Problems

Drainage & Grading

We all know that water will forge its path on your property. We can make a comprehensive plan to guide water and solve drainage and erosion problems. With proper grading and installation of French drains, dry creek beds, swales, or culvert pipes, and the use of trees and shrubs, water issues will be a thing of the past! Let us help you find the solution to manage your water issue!

iron drainage net between paving slab and green lawn.

Enhance your property

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting & Irrigation

You’ve invested a lot in your property! Showcasing its beauty during the day with an irrigation system or at night with outdoor lighting is something you should consider! Our team can install and maintain a superior irrigation system allowing your lawn and landscape to stay hydrated and thrive. Outdoor lighting systems can provide many benefits, including increased safety, better visibility, and a way to show off your property.

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Protect your investment

Monthly Landscape Maintenance Program

Your landscape investment needs regular care to ensure lasting beauty and to maintain the health of your plants. Our monthly landscape program is designed to provide regular in-season pruning and weeding, removal of debris, turning of mulch, and application of herbicides, as needed, to achieve lasting beauty year after year and protect your valuable landscape investment.

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Topsoil Installation, Dethatching & More

Lawn Renovation

Our team is experienced in providing all levels of lawn renovation including topsoil installation, compost topdressing, sod installation, and dethatching.

Our sister company, Green Horizon, provides turf fertilization & weed control programs, aeration and overseeding, and tree & shrub care programs. Please click the link below to visit Green Horizon.

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Spring Cleanup & Mulch

As your landscape transitions from winter to spring, you need a team that cares to come in and revitalize it for the coming growing season. Our team takes special care in cleaning and removing unwanted debris, trimming your plants and shrubs, fertilizing, providing weed control, and a mulch application to set you up for success.

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We do it all

Fall Leaf Cleanup

As leaves begin to fall, we offer full leaf removal services, including twigs and small branches, to keep your lawn looking immaculate. This service is customized to your needs, whether one-time removal or on a recurring basis throughout the season. Let us do the hard work for you!

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Upgrade The Look & Feel Of Your Property

Rock Installation

Whether you need an aesthetic upgrade using decorative stone or need manufactured stone or gravel from a quarry, we can help guide you! Upgrade the look and feel of your property with the use of river jack stone, pea gravel, boulders, or other types of decorative stone. We can also help solve any maintenance needs you may have by refreshing gravel driveways and drainage areas with a variety of stones.

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Residential Landscaping at its Finest

Landscape Plantings & Renovations

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